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Providence Monthly: Talk It Out: The “S” Word

Vajayducation at the Female Orgasm Seminar

Sexologist Megan Andelloux with plush vulva puppet. Voice Vixen here, reporting on the Female Orgasm Seminar which took place this past Friday night. Content warning, the following does acknowledge the existence of sex and is textually NSFW. 6:45 So this thing hasn’t started yet and already Science Center C is a writing mass of hot […]

The Sex Ed Warrior Queen

Rhode Island Monthly April 2010 BY TRACEY MINKIN Megan Andelloux sits in row three of the Pawtucket City Council Chambers, awaiting a verdict. Beautifully poised in a navy blue, tailored vintage dress, her red hair lovely and tidy, her hands in her lap, her pumps set squarely on the floor, she looks like a young […]

The Green Light District: To the Sex Educators

To the Sex Educators On Tuesday, one of the first things I saw when I got online was an article about controversy surrounding an anti-smoking ad in France. I read the article’s description of the advertisement before I saw the visual of the ad itself. This description included the following: . . . [P]hotographs of an […]

Feministing: Victory for Sex Positivity in Rhode Island

In an especially sweet victory for sex positivity in the U.S., the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health(CSPH), the first non-profit sexuality resource and information center on the East Coast, was granted a permit to open in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Despite months of controversy and opposition during a long, drawn out battle over “zoning permits” (read: […]

WholeDC Presents Megan Andelloux

WholeDC Presents Megan Andelloux: The New Gay Interview 11 DECEMBER 2009, 12:00 PM This post was submitted by michael A bitter winter wind keeps whipping through DC, trundling brown fallen leaves through the city streets. One can hardly find defense outside from its icy wheezing. Luckily this weekend, however, someone well acquainted with cold December […]

Female Sexologist Awaits Pawtucket Zoning Board

Women’s E News By Amy Littlefield WeNews correspondent Thursday, December 3, 2009 A sexologist in Rhode Island is trying to open an adult-ed center focused in part on the female pleasure principle. Her battle has been complicated by the recent passage of a ban on indoor prostitution, which she opposed. PAWTUCKET, R. I. (WOMENSENEWS)–Megan Andelloux’s […]

Good Vibrations Sex Educator Profiles: Megan Andelloux

What led you to become a Sex Educator? 3 reasons. 1.  I kept hearing people ask the same questions about sexuality but it always seemed like there was shame behind the questions.  I couldn’t understand how a culture could create an entire population to be ignorant and feel bad about the same things.  I wanted […]

What's Wrong with Being Sexy?

The Boston Phoenix One woman’s story of gaining empowerment as a sex educator By AMY LITTLEFIELD |  February 13, 2008 Megan Andelloux, 31, sits on a folding chair at the front of her classroom. In front of her sit 10 terrified people, smiling awkwardly. They play with toy spiders and other “fidget toys” that she has […]