Megan wants to provide people who have questions with answers and specific suggestions to fit their individual needs (not some standard stockroom answer) so she can’t in good conscious answer personal questions relating to sexuality through an email format. She can however, provide an in person or video call consultation.

What is a consultation? Check out her organization, The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health consultation page to learn more. If this seems to be what you are looking for, email her assistant, Beth Papagolos, at [email protected] with your request.

Beth Papagolos is the the woman who makes the magic happen with getting Megan to speak at so many institutions, so keep her email handy for any and all communications you are looking to bring Megan in for!

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Megan provided a wonderful program; it was very informative, engaging, funny and erotic. It’s great to talk about sex, intimacy and bodies in a positive, promotional way.

Darmouth College