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ssctThe Study Sex College Tour offers a wide range of lecture topics to choose from. While all of the workshops incorporate content addressing sexual health, sexual pleasure, decision making skills, consent, and gender and sexual orientation, the main focus may be tailored to your individual needs. Here are some examples:

General adult sexuality: Great for students who really want to focus in on decision making skills, sexual health issues and/or want to appeal to a wide audience range.

Pleasure Focused: If you are looking to have your campus group make a mark, these workshops will get people talking for sure! Although these lectures zero in on the potential for pleasure, rest assured they still do address sexual health and decision making skills.

Political Focus: These workshops focus on the morality and ethical issues, court cases, and societal conflicts that lead to heated discussions on Tumblr or Facebook. If you want to leave your participants pondering different viewpoints, while still having a fun time, think about having Megan lecture on one of these topics.

Read on to see what strikes your fancy most.

For a GENERAL FOCUS, look at these workshops…

Super Sex! College Campus Style

2013_ssct_supersex-poster_How can you make your sex life safe while keeping it hot? Can the two happily exist together? Of course they can! Super hot safer sex will be the topic of conversation where we will teach you how to safely fondle with the best of them!

This workshop will include:

  • Condom use (Do you know how to put one on with your mouth?)
  • The do’s and don’ts of boxed lunch
  • Silicone surprises
  • Erotic talk
  • Creating cheap sex toys
  • Spanking

…and so much more!

Fornication 101

2013_ssct_poster_3Department of Sexology
Instructor: Oh Megan
Course Description: A study of how people experience the erotic and express themselves as sexual beings with an emphasis on jollies, attitude awareness, and sexual skill building. This course is designed to introduce students to carnal knowledge, comfort in awkward situations and hot safer sex behaviors.

Topics and exposure include: Ejaculation, petting kitties, putting condoms on with your mouth, anal adventures, g-zone stimulation, and sexual positions.

Note: While this event will not involve typical attire (or lack thereof), in order to study these phenomena, the clothed and consensual participation of attendees is highly encouraged.

Getting A Grip: Mastering Your Sexuality

getting_a_grip_2013Do you remember the first time you ever held a steering wheel? It felt weird, didn’t it? To become comfortable with new experiences, including sexual ones, our bodies need time to develop “muscle memory”. Since sexual expression can involve complex interactions with other people, being sexual requires flexible new muscle memory that can deal with all the balls you have to juggle!

Join Megan Andelloux for this two hour long interactive lecture on developing your sexual self-understanding: from becoming comfortable with what you want, to learning how to communicate those desires to partners. You’ll learn more about understanding and entertaining your own wants and need, what other people are secretly into, masturbation techniques (fundamental to exploring your sexuality!) and verbal and non- verbal communication tools. A special focus will be given on how to either give enthusiastic consent or turn people down considerately.

Orchestrating Orgasms

orchestrating_orgasms_2013Freud talked to us about the appropriate “types,” pop culture magazines scream from the shelves that we could be having better ones, and many people experience deep guilt in their quest to experience them. Still, what actually ARE orgasms? For something so celebrated, very few individuals can give a straight definition; people are seemingly just supposed to be grateful if they have them!

The simultaneous mystery and ubiquity of “The Big O” has created a fascination with orgasms, but hasn’t provided a perfect answer to the big questions people ask about them. Fortunately, Oh Megan is here to help!

In this captivating workshop, you will learn about the biological, psychological and sociological issues surrounding orgasms. What types of orgasms are there? How can one have more orgasms? Why do they feel so good? Why do some people struggle to have them? With the use of images, participation, videos, and genital models, Orchestrating Orgasms will bring down the house in a perfect symphony.

Getting Wordy and Talking Dirty…

getting_wordy_2013 Looking for a more perfect union of you and your partners’ desires? Trying to figure out what gets you off and how to say that to your partner? Interested in exploring what an ethical sexuality might look like? In this workshop, Oh Megan will take you through the cultural norms surrounding flirting and hooking up; sexual shame (and how it holds you back sexually); and figuring out what type of sex you want!

Consent is sexy – and integral to your sexy time – in this two hour workshop participants will improve their sexicon with fun new phrases to spice up playtime, learn more about consent and how to tell their partner what they want in bed, and explore the many ways they can get off!

Motorboat Your Myths

2013_ssct_poster_MotorboatThink you have a high sex IQ? Want to know more about the state of sexual health and sex positivity in your state? Dive in face first with this workshop! Oh Megan will address the sexuality myths you’ve heard and guide you through the facts about sexual health, sex positivity, safer sex, hook up culture, and orgasms. Each workshop will be tailored to your state so you can get the most up-to-date and relevant sex facts.

In this two hour workshop participants will learn about fun fondling, happy hooking up, sexy safer sex as well as have an opportunity to get their own questions answered.


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

2013 GentlemenWant to increase the horsepower? Tired of the everyday romp in the bedroom (be it by yourself or with a friend)? Or maybe you are looking to experiment with toys for boys. Whether you are just starting out in the world of pleasing a man in bed or have had YEARS of experience, there are always a few new tricks that can be learned.

Discover the ins and outs of the male sexual anatomy and response, learn how to practice safer sex in a sexy fashion, experiment with genital massage techniques (in a socially appropriate manner), get the rundown on deep-throating and much, much more!

Attending this workshop can help you learn new techniques for yourself, your friend, or just to see how many people are excited to learn about enhancing men’s pleasure. This is the class where you will definitely receive a higher education in the “engines” that are all around us. Get into the driver’s seat to take control in the art of pleasing yourself or others!

Purring Into Pleasure: Exploring Female Desire and Orgasms

2013_ssct_poster_11Kitty wants to play — do you? There are all sorts of ways to please a pussy, and in this popular workshop, Oh Megan will teach you how to pet the kitties and make them purr.

In one of her most popular workshops, participants will be guided through hot-spot anatomy, sexual desire, genital massage/masturbation techniques, why some people experience difficulties in orgasmic escapades, pain during sexy time, and the best uses for sex toys. Pussy lovers will learn the answer to questions including: how many types of orgasms are there, and what is the difference? Where exactly is the G-spot and does female ejaculation actually exist?

Through videos, vulva puppet demonstrations, and frank discussion, you will learn the ins and outs (and all-arounds!) of female sexual functioning, pleasure, and desire.

Lube, Vibrators, Sex Toys….Oh My!

sex_toys_2013Sex toys. Alone or with a companion, sex toys give you the opportunity to enhance and widen your sexual landscape. But where to start? Processing through all of the different types of toys can be overwhelming, and a person might be left breathless just from the sheer volume of options.

This workshop will address the joys of sex toy play, and show you ways to incorporate them into your sex life. You will get straightforward and honest information about each item’s best use, shelf life, and more. We will go beyond “The Rabbit” in this class to help YOU figure out what would work best for YOUR playtime, be it by yourself or with others!

How Many Licks Does It Take?

how_many_licksThere’s nothing quite like a gourmet meal. But do you have concerns with flavor of your dish? Are you fretting that your amuse-bouche isn’t amusing enough? And have you really learned how to pick the right tool to toss the salad? Don’t worry, Oh Megan will teach you how to sit down at the table with style and finesse as you enjoy your nom noms.

Be prepared to be stuffed with new tips for making your partner moan as you learn how to build up your mouth and tongue skills, the ergonomics of experiencing comfort and enjoyment while providing partner pleasure, eroticizing oral safer sex methods, what consensual oral action looks like and much, much more.

Secret Fantasies

secret_fantasies_2013What gets you off? What gets other people off? And how the heck do you do it?! If you are curious about what’s possibly running around in your neighbor’s head, why you might feel guilty about sexy thoughts you have, or how to integrate some of your fantasies into your sex life with others, this is the workshop for you.

Secret Fantasies will cover some of the more common naughty thoughts people have (like talking dirty, rough sex, and anal play), and debunk sexual myths (like “good feminists don’t use porn” or “you’ll become desensitized the more sexually ‘experimental’ you are”) while giving you the cold hard facts. Finally, Secret Fantasies will help you open the door to a variety of new sexual possibilities, and advise you about how you can explore them in a safe and risk-aware manner.

At the end of this workshop, participants will have learned skills that will help to happily converge the private and personal, and specific techniques to communicate desires with their partner(s).


Get Wet: Exploring the Connections Between Sexual Pleasure, Health and Advocacy

2013_ssct_poster_Get WetWhen is an orgasm a political act? When is lube a tool of the revolution?

Oh Megan will demonstrate how three components of sexuality — pleasure, health, and advocacy — flow into one another as we explore a variety of topics centered on reproductive justice and sexual freedom. Get ready for a wild ride into the slippery world of sexuality and politics!

Megan will teach you which sexual health issues are involved in back-door lovin’, why you should care about sex workers’ rights, and how you can defend your own sexual freedom through self-love. Through interactive discussion about everything from contraceptive options and LGBTQ issues to pornography and the human body, you will get a chance to examine the connections among all these hot-button topics and more.

By the end of this workshop, you will be fully prepared to get radical inside (and outside) of the bedroom.


Not safe for work? While smut may not be suitable for your school work environment, is it suitable for you? Join Oh Megan as she deconstructs the dizzying dialogue surrounding pornography and works to answer the questions: “Can porn be ethical? Is pornography inherently harmful?”

Through activities, discussion, and media, participants will consider the themes in mainstream porn and ponder whether or not all porn is created equal. Working through the tactics of anti-porn activists and the faulty research they often employ, this session will provide participants the tools to define for themselves what constitutes ethically made porn. Resources for locating sex positive professional organizations, and ethically made porn will be provided at the close of this discussion.

Straddling Sex Work

2013_ssct_poster_sexworkDo you know the difference between sex work and sex trafficking? Have you ever wondered how prostitution could be legal in one state, but illegal in 49 others? How involved are YOU in the sex industry? Most people are more closely intertwined in it than they ever imagined!

Sex work is just as alive, lucrative, and common today as it was at any other time and place in history. Straddling Sex Work will help you to learn what you can do to support safety, health, and empowerment in sex work within all populations. Starting with a catalogue of the many faces of modern American sex work, it will branch out to introduce you to the major players and organizations surrounding and shaping our public perception of these issues.

Straddling Sex Work will give you the facts about this highly charged subject, and provide the tools you need to come to your own conclusions about whether or not sex work is a positive part of our society!

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