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Welcome to Oh Megan!

For years I have worked as a Certified Sexuality Educator, focusing on numerous aspects of the world of sexuality. I feel my mission in life is to bridge the gap between the medical and the pleasure centric models of sexuality and I aim to do this in a sex-positive and sassy, yet professional manner.

Why do I do the work that I do? Too often, the views on sexuality (medical and pleasure) distance themselves from one another. The medical world frequently turns its back on the pleasurable aspects of sex, and the thrill seekers are not interested in learning the hows and whys of what makes the body work the way that it does. This website will start to bring these two worlds together, bringing a new dimension to both through workshops, writing, videos, and coaching. I'm here to help! Read on to learn how fabulous sexuality education can empower you!

"I could listen to Megan talk for days…."

"Megan,This workshop was so important and informative. It truly changed my life. Thank you for your fabulous entertaining education."

"Simply brilliant! This workshop (“Get Wet”) is what this country needs!"